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Amusement and theme parks across America are as busy as ever. We know your time is valuable and how crucial it is to choose attractions wisely. Our goal is to help you maximize your time at the parks by identifying when attractions have "good" and "bad" wait times based on analysis of current and historical data. This is just the start; soon, we will add more valuable insights and features while maintaining a feel optimal for mobile use. Welcome, enjoy the thrills, and amusement smarter!

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Best Wait Quality

Many rides always have a long wait; so how do you know when it is a good time to ride? Wait Quality is one of our metrics to determine whether the current wait for a ride is good or bad even if the wait time is not short. These are the ten best "waits" at all parks we track."

  1. Living with the Land (5)
  2. Escape From Pompeii (5)
  3. Disneyland Railroad (5)
  5. Supreme Scream (5)
  6. Delirium (5)
  7. Dare Devil Dive (5)
  8. The Bat (5)
  9. Soarin' Around the World (20)
  10. Dominator (5)

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