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Introducing Agendas

Published May 8 2020

Map out your day at the parks using past data trends to estimate the best times to experience attractions.

Introducing Agendas
What to ride first!
Make agendas as detailed as you desire. Simply map out the attractions you want to make a handy list or detail all your total travel plans with transpiration, dining, fireworks, and more.

Multiple parks can be visited in the same day with one agenda too. Simply use the editor to change the current park. Wait time estimates seem too high or low? Apply a scale factor to change them to your liking.

This is a brand new feature that may have some kinks. We hope to have everything ironed out and even some new features ready before the parks open up again. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments below!

Agendas are completely free; they just require a Thrill-Data account so that your agendas can be saved.

Get started by clicking Agendas on the main navigation bar at the top of the page.

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Introducing Agendas
Introducing Agendas
Introducing Agendas
Introducing Agendas

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