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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Wait Times

Published Nov 11 2022

After a couple year hiatus, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is back! We will be tracking the wait time data for each event that is held at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Wait Times
Wait times the first night
The average wait times in 2022 are:
  • 11/8/2022 Average Wait: 13.4 minutes
  • 11/10/2022 Average Wait: 16 minutes
  • 11/11/2022 Average Wait: 15 minutes
  • 11/14/2022 Average Wait: 15 minutes
  • 11/15/2022 Average Wait: 15.8 minutes
  • 11/17/2022 Average Wait: 15.2 minutes
  • 11/18/2022 Average Wait: 14.7 minutes
  • 11/20/2022 Average Wait: 16.2 minutes
  • 11/22/2022 Average Wait: 14.2 minutes
The longest attraction wait times have been for Jungle Cruise (aka Jingle Cruise), Seven Dwarf's Mine Train, and Peter Pan's Flight, with the peak wait times typically between 7 to 8 PM.

We have a dedicated page too just to track the wait times this year: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Wait times.

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