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New Delay & Lightning Lane Graphs

Published Jun 13 2022

Over the past couple weeks, several new graphs have been introduced. Let’s go through them!

New Delay & Lightning Lane Graphs
The new delay graph type

Delay Graph

On any attraction's page, find a graph of probable delays for the past 30 days. This includes ride breakdowns and weather related closures. Want past data? Change the Data Date up top and the graph will adjust to the 30 day period around the earliest date.

Example Delay Graph

Attraction Lightning Lane Availability Graph

On any attraction's page which has Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane, find a button to generate a graph of Lightning Lane return times for the past 2 days, 3 days, week, 30 days, and 60 days.

Example Lightning Lane Graph

Annotated Lightning Lane Availability Map

On any Disney parks page, find a button called "Plot a Bigger, Annotated Lightning Lane Map" that will generate a map of all Lightning Lane availability with labels indicating the return time that was available at a given time of day.Change the time interval to see more or less granularity.

Annotated Lightning Lane Map Example

Cosmic Rewind Boarding Group Data

On the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind page, find several new graphs about its boarding group data and reliability. Find graphs for the maximum daily boarding group, the boarding group progression rate, and boarding group availability.

See the Cosmic Rewind Graphs

Park Wide Typical Wait Times

On any park page, below the wait time heat map, find a button called "View the Daily Typical Wait Time Heat Map" to generate a map of typical wait times for each park attraction throughout the day. Change the time interval to see more or less granularity.

Example Typical Wait Time Graph

Additional Photos

New Delay & Lightning Lane Graphs
New Delay & Lightning Lane Graphs
New Delay & Lightning Lane Graphs
New Delay & Lightning Lane Graphs

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