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Restaurants at Dollywood

These are restaurants located near or within the Dollywood park. Click on a restaurant to see more information and user reviews.
Name Location
Aunt Granny's Restaurant Dollywood
Blue Ribbon Cones Dollywood
Cinnamon Bread at The Grist Mill Dollywood
Country Cookers - Kettle Korn Dollywood
Crossroads Funnel Cakes Dollywood
Dippin' Dots Dollywood
Dogs N Taters Dollywood
Front Porch Cafe Dollywood
Grandstand Cafe Dollywood
Granny Ogle's Ham 'n' Beans Dollywood
Grist Mill & Cinnamon Bread Dollywood
Hickory House BBQ Dollywood
Iron Horse Pizza Dollywood
Lumber Jack's Pizza Dollywood
Market Square BIG SKILLET Dollywood
Market Square Potatoes Dollywood
Midway Market Dollywood
Miss Lillian's BBQ Corner Dollywood
Miss Lillian's Smokehouse Dollywood
Mr. Jerry's Sit-N-Sip Refreshments Dollywood
Ned's Snack Shack Dollywood
PaPaw's Roadside Market Dollywood
Pork Rinds Dollywood
Red's Drive-in Dollywood
Showstreet Frozen Lemonade Dollywood
Showstreet Ice Cream Dollywood
Showstreet Snacks Dollywood
SkyView Snacks Dollywood
Splinter's Funnel Cakes Dollywood
Spotlight Bakery Dollywood
Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen Dollywood
Sweets and Treats Dollywood
The Dog House Dollywood
Till & Harvest Food Hall Dollywood
Valley Theater Concessions Dollywood

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