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Below are the wait times at all the parks we track. The heading for each park lists the park wide average wait (if the park is open). For each attraction, the current wait time or closed is indicated. Green times indicate that the wait time is better than normal; red worse than normal; orange normal. Always remember that wait times are just guides; sometimes actual waits are shorter or longer. Rides break down, guests sometimes take a long time to board, and parks may state times higher than actual to steer you to different attractions.

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 California's Great America (9 min avg)

 Canada's Wonderland (29 min avg)

 Carowinds (37 min avg)

 Cedar Point (36 min avg)

 Kings Dominion (28 min avg)

 Kings Island (21 min avg)

 Knott's Berry Farm (12 min avg)

 World's of Fun (29 min avg)

 California Adventure (19 min avg)

 Disneyland (20 min avg)

 Dollywood (9 min avg)

 Silver Dollar City

 Hershey Park (33 min avg)

 Busch Gardens Tampa (20 min avg)

 Busch Gardens Williamsburg (24 min avg)

 SeaWorld Orlando (22 min avg)

Waits start recording at 12 PM local time


 Discovery Kingdom

 Fiesta Texas

 Great Adventure (13 min avg)

 Great America (31 min avg)

 La Ronde

 Magic Mountain


 New England (18 min avg)

 Over Georgia (17 min avg)

 Over Texas

 Saint Louis